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Mobile Web & Apps


An important market for any full-service interactive media agency like NiceDice Design is the mobile application marketplace. With smart phone usage steadily increasing it will not be long before standard cell phones (or as we like to call them, dumb phones) are in the minority and Internet-enabled smart phones will rule the airwaves. It is important to provide clients with the option of a total package: online marketing, web application development, and more recently mobile phone application development.

There are several questions that clients often ask when they want to take the leap and be represented on the mobile marketplace:

• Which market is best for me?
• What program features can I afford?
• Are several markets an option?
• What hardware on the device can I take advantage of to create the "wow" factor for users?

Traditionally the answers all depend on a client's specifications and budget. In an ideal world, we would advise they be represented on every platform to maximize the potential user base, but developing the same application for 3 different major platforms (Android, Blackberry, & iPhone) can be a time-consuming and expensive task. Each of these platforms has a unique way to develop an application, meaning that the exact same application needs to be completely re-coded for each platform. The differences in hardware and programming create a major hindrance to creating a mobile app that spans all platforms.

But what if developing on multiple platforms wasn't a roadblock for clients?
What if a single application could be utilised using a single code base that worked on multiple platforms?
After doing research and testing out various products, NiceDice Design in conjunction with Industrial Strength have found the perfect platform which has the ability to bridge the gaps between the various platforms and enable our developers to offer the maximum amount of services to our clients without the expense of developing on multiple platforms.